Give your puppy a head start in life by enrolling in Puppy School. Only 1 vaccination is required and they should ideally be 8-12 weeks old at the commencement of class 1. Please get in touch if your puppy is 16 weeks or older to discuss if puppy class is the right option for your puppy.

  • Certified Instructor

  • Set up your puppy for success

  • All of your questions answered

  • Teach your puppy basic obedience 

  • Email support and training notes provided

  • Build a confident puppy and develop a strong bond 

  • Socialise them during their critical phase of development

  • Prevent undesired behaviours before they become a problem


Available at Two Locations:

  • Dogue 242 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction 2022 or, 

  • North Randwick Vet Hospital 97-99 Albion St, Randwick NSW 2031

 5 HOURS OF TRAINING!  (x4) 1 hour 15 minute classes. INCLUDES: email support and training guides available online through our Member Portal. Give your puppy the best start possible for only $250!

How To Book:

Click the 'Book Now' button below to view available classes.

Why Is Puppy School So Important?

​​​Socialisation refers to the process of learning calmness and confidence​ in their environment to increase your puppy's ability to cope later in life. 

A common misconception is that socialisation refers to playing with as many dogs as possible. This could actually be to your puppy's detriment. Both good and bad experiences can have a lasting impact. The hard part of socialisation is teaching them to be calm and able to focus on you while building positive associations to a range of sights, sounds, touch and everything else in the environment so that they can grow up to be confident dogs! This is what we aim to teach in class.

​Common behavioural problems can be prevented if your puppy is appropriately socialised during what's known as their ‘critical’ or ‘sensitive’ phase of development (up to 16 weeks of age - less for working breeds).


This gives us a huge window of opportunity that will have a big impact on the rest of their lives.

Class 1
  • Socialisation

  • Training theory & How Dogs Learn

  • Preventing Unwanted Behaviours

  • Sleeping Through The Night

  • Sit

  • Touch 

  • Name recognition

Class 3
  • Preventing Separation Anxiety

  • Feeding

  • Prevent Resource Guarding

  • 'Leave It' Food Game

  • Loose Leash Walking - Teach Them Not To Pull 

  • Come

Class 2
  • Toilet Training

  • Nipping, Biting & Chewing

  • Enrichment

  • 'Leave It' Tug Of War Game

  • Drop

  • Stay

Class 4
  • Motivate Them to Engage With You When Out

  • How To Fade Food Rewards

  • Grooming Preparation

  • Trick training: Spin, Shake Paw, Roll Over

  • Puppy Olympics! Obstacle Course Building Confidence To New Challenges