Puppy School - Training & Behaviour Consulting - Dog Walking Adventures

Achieve your training goals using positive reinforcement & games, building the bond and creating a calm and confident dog!

Training & socialisation to get them off to the right start. 

(x4) 75 min group classes in Bondi

For puppies aged 8-14 weeks old.

(x1) 90 min + (x2) 60 min private training session, in your home.

Flexible option. Go at your own pace.

For puppies aged 8-14 weeks old.

Dog training & basic obedience.

Solutions for 

behaviour problems.

1 on 1 Training Walks

Targeted training for dogs who require socialisation or have specific training needs. I do the training for you while

your dog enjoys a fun-filled outing!

Paired Training Walks

For the dogs who need to build confidence in new environments, with other dogs or who require some a little extra training.

Group Training Walks (3-4 dogs)

Fun filled adventures! Perfect for dogs who are very sociable and have basic training. We will practice training to maintain behaviour through fun and games!



Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

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