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Terms & Conditions

THE CLIENT - Agrees they have read and will abide by our Terms and Conditions and acknowledges that Maddy's Dog School reserves the right to make changes to the terms of service without notice.


PHOTOGRAPHY - The client agrees to give Maddy's Dog School (and Dogue Bondi or North Randwick Vet if the client booked Puppy School Class at either location) permission to use photos or videos taken for marketing, social media, advertising or promotion.

HEALTH - GENERAL - The client agrees that their pet is in good health or agrees to pass on details of any allergies, injuries, or medical conditions. Should your dog need medical attention whilst in our care, Maddy's Dog School reserves the right to provide necessary first aid, and/or transport them to a veterinary clinic. Any related expenses are to be paid by the client. In this unlikely event, you would be contacted immediately.

Maddy’s Dog School, employees or contractors, will not be held responsible for any injury or illnesses that may occur. The client chooses to participate at their own risk and agrees they are responsible for any injury, harm or damage caused by their dog. 

HEALTH - WALK & TRAIN - Dogs must be micro-chipped, wearing an ID tag and be up to date with vaccinations, flea, tick and worming prevention. 

HEALTH - PUPPY SCHOOL CLASS - The client agrees their puppy has had at-least 1 vaccination. Whilst Maddy's Dog School takes the utmost care to provide a safe and sterile learning environment, puppies will be directly and indirectly interacting and therefore illness and injury are possible, despite being low risk. Should a dog arrive showing signs of illness ro significant distress, Maddy's dog school reserves the right to turn a client away.

CONFIDENTIALITY - Maddy's Dog School keep customer information in the strictest confidence and is not shared with a third party (with the exception of Dogue Bondi or North Randwick Vet if you booked Puppy School Class at either location). Your email may be used for marketing purposes,  send txt or email confirmations.


BEHAVIOUR - Maddy's Dog School reserves the right to cease services to a client. The client agrees to convey any known behaviour problems including aggression prior to the appointment. The client is solely responsible for any harm or injury caused by their dog to another person or animal.


NO SHOWS - Payment in full is required.

WALK AND TRAIN ADVENTURES - Cancellation within 24 hours requires payment in full if the spot is not filled.


CONSULTATIONS / PUPPY HOME SCHOOL - Cancellation within 24 hours results in a 50% cancellation fee if the spot is not filled.

PUPPY SCHOOL CLASS - Payment is non-refundable for cancelation within 24 hours of the start date, if you miss a class or after the member portal has been accessed.


OVERDUE PAYMENTS - If payment has not been made by the due date, a $10 administration fee may be applied each month thereafter until the amount in full is paid. Overdue payments may be sent to a debt collection agency in order to settle the outstanding amount. Any fees incurred for their services will be the clients responsibility to pay.

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