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Private Training - Adolescent & Adult Dog

- Basic obedience - sit, stay, drop, on your bed, walking nicely on lead, come when called etc.

- Refresh your knowledge & build on skills learnt in puppyhood

- Prepare your dog for the arrival of a baby, new puppy or other pet into the household

Behaviour Consultations - to reduce or eliminate undesirable behaviour such as:

- Settling in your new rescue dog

- Reactive behaviour such as lunging or barking at people, dogs, cars etc

- Destructive behaviour & yard digging

- Food or toy guarding

- Toilet training issues

- Separation distress

Initial consultation 1.5 hours: 

When creating a behaviour or training plan, the first session involves an assessment to understand why the behaviour is happening before discussion of the strategies and management tools to be implemented. You are encouraged to video any demonstrations and written training notes will be provided afterwards. Your investment is $280.

Follow up appointment 1 hour:

Several sessions may be required to make change and achieve desired outcomes. Just like going to a personal trainer, you're not going to get a six pack after one session but I will give you all the tools you need. Follow up sessions are $160.  

Click on 'Booking Enquiry' below and fill out your details to get the journey started! Maddy will then be in contact to organise a suitable time for you.

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