Private Adolescent & Adult Dog Training 

- Basic obedience - sit, stay, drop, on your bed, walking nicely on lead, come when called etc

- Refresh your knowledge & build on skills learnt in puppyhood

- Prepare your dog for the arrival of a baby, new puppy or other pet into the household

Behaviour Consultations - to reduce or eliminate undesirable behaviour such as:

- Settling in your new rescue dog

- Reactive behaviour such as lunging or barking at people, dogs, cars etc

- Destructive behaviour & yard digging

- Food or toy guarding

- Toilet training issues

- Separation distress

An initial consultation is 1.5 hours duration and includes discussion of the problem, strategies and management tools, I begin and demonstrate the training for you and teach you how to continue yourself. A follow up email with a training guide is provided. This service is $220.

Follow up appointments are 1 hour.

Depending on the number and severity of issues presented, several sessions may be required to make change and achieve desired outcomes. Follow up sessions are $100.

Package deal: (x1) 1.5 hour consultation + (x3)  1 hour follow up sessions is $450 (save $70)
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