*Sorry, books currently closed for walking adventures to new clients*


Not just your average walk in the park! Maddy's Dog School combines training games with physical exercise to keep their minds happy and bodies healthy whilst out on a fun adventure!

> Does your dog enjoy getting out of the house?

> Is your dog home alone while you're at work?

> Does your dog need more exercise or training but you don't have much time?

Group Walk & Train

- Your dog will LOVE getting out of the house for a group adventure!

- Dogs are carefully grouped together for play time based on personality, play styles, and training needs

- Practice of necessary basic obedience such as coming when called, sit, drop, stay, etc. Dogs that join us on walk and trains drastically improve these skills overtime and may also learn a new trick here and there!

- 1 hour at the park, plus pick up and drop off. Please note your dog will usually be out of the house for 1 - 2 hours to allow time for this

- Perfect choice for dogs who are social butterflies

- Mental stimulation provided though training, and physical exertion through play, means your pooch comes back home happy, relaxed, and ready to nap. This combination can reduce destructive or anxious behaviours in most dogs

A FREE meet & greet is provided with this service. I come to your home to meet you and your dog(s). We can then arrange a trial walk to ensure they're happy on their adventure and get on well with the other dogs.

1 on 1 Training Walk 

- Specifically targeted training according to the needs of the dog

- Perfect for puppies needing confidence building and general training. This is a great way to start introducing them to the outside world!

- Perfect for dogs needing training for basic obedience, reducing reactivity, building confidence etc.

- For best results,  we strongly recommend combining this with at least 1 training session with the owner(s) present so that we can develop a specific plan and work together - successful training is a combination of a good trainer and follow through at home from the owner(s). Consistency is key!

- 1 hour walking, plus pick up and drop off