Not just your average walk in the park! Maddy's Dog School combines training games with physical exercise to keep their minds happy and bodies healthy whilst out on a fun adventure!

Packages Available.

> Does your dog enjoy getting out of the house?

> Is your dog home alone while you're at work?

> Does your dog need more exercise or training but you don't have much time?

Group Walk 

- Your dog will LOVE getting out of the house for a group adventure!

- Dogs are carefully grouped together for play time

- Perfect for dogs who are social butterflies

- Practice and maintenance of basic obedience such as recall, sit, stay etc

- 1 hour at the park, plus pick up and drop off

FREE meet & greet. I come to your home to meet you and your dog(s). Then we can arrange a trial walk to ensure they're happy on their adventure and get on well with the other dogs.

1 on 1 Training Walk 

- Specifically targeted training

- Perfect for puppies needing confidence building and general training 

- Perfect for dogs needing training for basic obedience, reducing reactivity, building confidence etc.

- For best results,  combine with at least 1 consultation with the owner so that we can develop a specific plan and work together

- 1 hour walking, plus pick up and drop off