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*Sorry, books closed to new clients for walking adventures*


Not just your average walk in the park! Maddy's Dog School combines training games with physical exercise to keep their minds happy and bodies healthy whilst out on a fun adventure!

> Does your dog enjoy getting out of the house?

> Is your dog home alone while you're at work?

> Does your dog need more exercise or training but you don't have much time?

Group Walk & Train

A FREE meet & greet is provided with this service. I come to your home to meet you and your dog(s). They then enter a trial period to ensure they're happy on their adventure and get on well with their group.

- Perfect for dogs who are social butterflies. They are carefully grouped based on personality and play styles.

- Practice obedience such as come, sit, drop, stay, etc. They may also learn a new trick here and there! This combination of mental & physical exercise can reduce destructive or anxious behaviours. Your pooch comes back home happy, relaxed, and ready to nap.

- Your dog will be out of the house for 1 - 2 hours (1 hour at the park! Plus pick up and drop off)

1 on 1 Walk & Train

- Please note: this service is only offered in conjunction with training consultations, to achieve your goal/s.

- An Initial training consultation with you, will ensure we are on the same page as we create a training plan.

- I can then take your dog out for training walks with regular consultations in between to progress your goals.

- Perfect for puppies or adult dogs needing obedience or reactivity training etc.

- 1 hour Walk & Train, plus pick up and drop off



  • How long will my dog be out of the house?

1 hour walking and training, plus pick up and drop off so anywhere from 1 - 2 hours depending on where you fall along the pick up/drop off routes that day. The time may vary depending on cancellations, traffic and severe weather.


  • How are you different from other dog walkers?

Maddy is a certified dog trainer with over a decade of professional experience across the pet care industry at animal shelters, vet clinics, grooming salons, daycares, running her own business and has a deep understanding of dog behaviour.

 Safety and Wellbeing is the number one priority. A free Meet & Greet' is scheduled to familiarise with your dog prior to their first walk to ensure we are a good fit for this service. They then enter a trial period to ensure suitability. The group Walk and Train service closely supervises play and match the groups appropriately, while providing physical and mental exercise in the form of training and games.  


Training starts from the moment Maddy arrives at your home to pickup your dog. Behaviour such as sitting for attention is reinforced instead of jumping up. Dogs must wait for their name before jumping out of the van and all dogs are leashed when entering or existing the vehicle on a road. This starts their walk with focus and calmness for training enrichment and safety. 

  • Will my dog be on or off leash?

Group Walk & Train 

For their first walk we use a long training leash (5+ metres) so they can enjoy running around and wrestling with the group while Maddy builds rapport and practices training. Your dog will be off leash only if Maddy is confident in their recall ability.


Some dogs require the use of the training leash long term to set them up for success, manage behaviour and keep them safe while we build up training. It is important dogs have good basic training to join group walks for safety reasons.

1-on-1 Walk & Train:

This depends entirely on their behaviour and training goals. Options are:

- On leash street walking only

- At the park but need a long training leash (5+ metres)

- Semi-off leash at the park with the long leash used as a drag line ‘just in case’. I’m not always holding the other end while they play.

- Off-leash in the park


  • Where will my dog be walked?

Mostly Queens Park and Centennial Parklands.


  • Who will be walking my dog?

Maddy will be personally looking after your dog.


  • What if it’s raining?

We walk rain or shine! Only cancelling in the event of hail or storms. You will be notified by text.


  • When will my dog be walked ?

Group walks are done between 8.30am and 1pm Tuesday to Friday.


  • Will my dog get dirty?

Whilst I do make a considerable effort to keep them relatively clean and out of the mud, at the end of the day they are dogs! At Maddy’s dog school we provide a fun and adventurous walking experience for your dog…so they may come home wet or dirty! We do however, try to bring them home as clean as possible and wipe down any excess dirt or water/sand. Please provide towels.

  • Do you need a house key?

Generally,  we have access to a key which we keep safe and unlabelled so they cannot be linked with your property if found. Alternatively, some clients leave their dog’s in the garden and we can get access through an unlocked side gate or they are already at home to hand over their dog. We are happy to come up with an arrangement that works best for you.

  • Will my dog be safe?

Maddy’s Dog School is insured. Maddy is a certified dog trainer and has nearly a decade of experience working professionally with dogs. Their welfare is of the utmost importance. Please see Terms & Conditions.


Every dog who joins a group walk & train has a screening process to assess the temperament and suitability of each dog:

​- Completed questionnaire form.

- Initial meet and greet at client's home. This provides an opportunity for Maddy to assess your dog's behavioural needs, familiarise with your dog before taking them out and for the client to handover keys.

- Trial period. It is of the utmost important that the dog's personalities mix well so they can all enjoy their outing. Not all dogs cope with group walks. 

Maddy tends to walk the group of dogs in quieter areas for safety and training, rather than hanging in the busy areas of the park.

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